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2012 performance dates--updated

2012 continues to be the year of fruitful musical endeavors. The Ascension to the Sun collective (featuring members of This Ascension, Trance to the Sun, and yours truly) is busily preparing for late May shows, Cure Tribute theXplodingboys has added a fundraiser for our good friend DJ Wednesday in early June, and many of the dates of the Soriah tour have been scheduled (in mid-August, instead of September as originally envisioned), and include stops in California and Arizona.

Here is an updated list of my past and future dates so far for the year. Two more shows added in June!

21st January - theXplodingboys at the Lovecraft Bar, Portland

3rd February - Ascension to the Sun at Brickbat Mansion at the Lovecraft Bar, Portland

30th March - theXplodingboys at the Fez Ballroom, Portland for Night One of the 10th Annual Vampire's Masquerade Ball, along with David J of Bauhaus backed by Adrian H and the Wounds, Fever, Adam Hurst

26th May - Ascension to the Sun at Dante's, Portland with Sumerland, Adrian H and the Wounds and Soriah (solo performance)
28th May- Ascension to the Sun at Sunset Black Monday at the Sunset Theater, Seattle, WA with Imaginary Daughter and Blackpool Astronomy

the Ascension to the Sun collective

9th June - theXplodingboys at the Melody Ballroom, Portland for Love Your DJ, a fundraiser event put on by Lady Raven of Vampire's Masquerade Ball fame for DJ Wednesday, who has been diagnosed with colon cancer and will be having an expensive surgery in May (visit djwednesdaypdx.com to donate)

22nd June - theXplodingboys opening for This Charming Band (San Francisco The Smiths Tribute) and For the Masses (San Francisco Depeche Mode Tribute) at the Wonder Ballroom. The Smiths--Depeche Mode--The Cure... This show is going to be ridiculous!

theXplodingboys, portland's tribute to the cure

29th June - Soriah in Seattle, WA

27th July - Soriah at Faerieworlds in Eugene, OR

12th August - Soriah at Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco, CA
15th August - Soriah in Jerome, AZ
16th August - Soriah in Tucson, AZ
18th August - Soriah at Club Sinister in Los Angeles, CA
19th August - Soriah in Santa Cruz, CA


Thanks as always for your support!



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